What we do

On NewsChannel1150 we put an end to the confusion and complexity of electronics, computers and software. We do this with simple, expertly written articles that are designed to help you in the best possible way.

We pride ourselves on following journalistic standards and ethics, and we remain editorially independent from our business operations. Our reviews are always completely done by our editors without input from external companies or business relations.


Who we are

Meet our team!

Keira Howard

Keira is now mainly engaged in creating & maintaining relationships with blogs, journalists and other websites. She also writes part of the content on NewsChannel 1150.

Arthur Hart

Loves technology and diving in deep with the latest gadgets. 

Valerie Dawson

Valerie is a content writer for NewsChannel 1150. After starting as a freelance translator in 2014, she decided to turn her hobby - writing - into her work in 2018.

Caleb Hill

Full time writer for NewsChannel 1150

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