LG unveils first televisions with OLED successor miniled

Arthur Hart

Written by: Arthur Hart

LG unveils first televisions with OLED successor miniled

Television maker LG presented the first models of its miniled screens in a press release. The technology is seen as the successor of OLED displays.

The new QNED series is sold with screens up to 86 inches and has resolutions of 4K and 8K. The TVs will be sold next year in addition to alternatives with OLED and LCD from the manufacturer.

With miniled, small LED lights are placed behind the pixels to illuminate the image individually. This ensures a higher contrast than LCD and a higher brightness than OLED. In addition, with miniled there is virtually no chance of burning in, which can happen with OLED.

LG's televisions use 30,000 LEDs to ensure a contrast ratio of one million to one. The manufacturer promises a better color range, higher contrast, improved HDR and screens that refresh at 120 frames per second.

The price and exact sales date have not yet been announced.

More miniled expected in 2021

It is expected that more and more manufacturers will make the switch to miniled in 2021. Rumor has it that Apple will also equip the iPad Pro with such a screen in the first quarter.

Presumably, television maker Samsung will also present its miniled televisions in 2021. This could happen at the CES technology fair, which will take place digitally from 11 January this year due to the corona virus.

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